Saturday, March 31, 2012

Top 3 Destinations in Taiwan - Taipei, Green Island, Taroko Gorge

Top 3 Destinations in Taiwan - Taipei, Green Island, Taroko Gorge.

Living in Taiwan and setting up a translation company is no easy business; however it is a challenge that brings great rewards. The past few years have been full of ups and downs, successes, disasters, and lots of fun along the way. We've picked up some great experiences and a good knowledge of Taiwan and Taiwanese culture. For now, here's our guide to the top three places to go in Taiwan:

1) Taipei 101. Formerly the tallest building in the world, this skyscraper in the shape of a bamboo stalk is one of the must-sees in Taipei. 101 stories high, it dominates the Taipei skyline. Take the super-fast lift to the viewing area and take in the sights of Taipei and the surrounding area. The view is even better at night, the lights of Taipei spreading out far and wide in all directions. The streets around 101 are well worth checking out too: beautiful Chinese lanterns hang from the trees, and the restaurants offer everything from dumplings and noodles to waffles and coffee. If you have some time to kill in Taipei, head here and soak up the atmosphere: our top Taipei recommendation.

2) Green Island. It's a little hard to get to, but well worth it. A little island off the East Coast, that not even most Taiwanese people have been to, quiet, get the picture. Head to Taidong and take a boat (1 hour) or plane (15 mins) over to the island. You'll find a place to stay with no trouble (as long as it's not a national holiday!). Settle in, rent a scooter, and head out to explore the island. Snorkeling equipment can be rented very cheaply, and the underwater sights are the best we've found in Taiwan. As night falls, head out for some local seafood, then head up to the salt water hot springs and enjoy the starry night sky. Don't miss it!

3) Taroko Gorge. Really, anywhere on the East Coast will be well worth a trip, and now that we've been here a while we feel that the deeper into the countryside you go, the more fun you'll have, especially if you're willing to learn a few words of the local dialect and try out the local brew. However, if it's your first time here, you'll probably want to play it safe and head to Taroko. this beautiful gorge offers camping, hotels, hot springs and plenty of hiking. Take your boots, and have fun!


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