Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cambodia Accessible Education Attracts Female Students Back to School

Cambodia Accessible Education Attracts Female Students Back to School. 

A dream of going back to school has come true for 23-year-old Van Sarem. Now she sits in the front row of her grade 8 class at a new secondary school in Sre Ang Krong commune by the Se San River in Ratanakiri province, excited and delighted to be back learning after a five-year absence since she finished primary school in 2004.

“My dream has come true now,” she says with a beautiful smile. “I am so happy that I have a chance to come back to school even though I am older. And my parents support my return to school.”

Sarem is from one of the poorest families in Sre Ang Krong village. When she finished study at the local primary school, her family did not have the money to send her to the nearest secondary school, which was more than 20 km away. She dropped out of school...

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