Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What Makes a Good EFL Teacher?

What Makes a Good EFL Teacher? By Chris Soames.
“How long is a piece of string?” springs to mind but the answer may be much simpler than you think, because you probably tick many of the boxes already. You’re probably asking this question because you are already or soon plan to be an EFL teacher. This means that you probably like working with people, that you prefer variety to routine, and that you are don’t mind taking calculated risks. As a rule, Teaching English as a Foreign Language is one of the most satisfying jobs you can do because the vast majority of learners are highly-motivated, so all you need to do is try to recognize which aspect of your teaching skills needs to be used at any given time. Below are some suggestions about the different roles you’ll find yourself playing – all of which combine to make a good teacher.
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