Friday, December 2, 2011

Teaching Questions

Teaching Questions.
Once you have explained how to make questions you can play a kind of question chain. That is, you start asking something like "what's this?" Next person answers "It's a scarf". Again next person makes a question with the word scarf and the other one answers and so on. After several questions you ask them "What's the relationship between the scarf and the last word and they have to remember all questions and answers and tell the story. For example: "This is a scarf which is made of wool that comes from sheep which are farm animals like cows that provide you with milk..."
I have the students asking each other questions. I have created two worksheets of information about 4 people, but with lots of games. The students works in pairs to ask questions to fill in the gaps. The information includes date of birth (past simple), job (present tense) and ambitions (future)...

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