Sunday, December 4, 2011

List of Idioms in the English Language

This is a list of idioms in the English Language.
An idiom is a word or phrase, common in everyday conversation and understood within the culture, having a meaning completely different than the meaning of it's words. In the example "Kick the Bucket" the listener understands the meaning is "to die" which is completely different than actually kicking a bucket. An idiom is not be confused with other Figures of speech such as a Metaphor - like "the man of steel" which invokes an image, or a Simile - like "Faster than a speeding bullet" which compares two things, or Hyperbole - like "missed by a mile" which creates a strong impression but is not meant to be taken literally.
* A bitter pill [to swallow] – A situation or information that is difficult to accept.
* Bug – To irritate, pester or bother.
* Cloud Nine -- Heavenly.

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