Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Day in the Life of the Awkward American Traverler in Cambodia - LanguageCorps Asia

A Day in the Life: A LanguageCorps Asia TESOL Classroom in Cambodia.
It is LanguageCorps Asia pleasure to introduce an exerpt from our teacher Margaret Ulrich, currently teaching English abroad in Cambodia.
RePosted from her blog “Awkward American Traverler”, which you can Check out here:
Any idiot knows what happens when you assume. So why do I keep feeling like the only ass here?
My latest blunder came from teaching at an orphanage. I assumed I’d be teaching little darlings. But I was what, class? Very good, kids, I was wrong.
Part of our training for the LanguageCorps certificate included two weeks of student teaching. For three of us who stayed in Phnom Penh—some moved to either Thailand or Vietnam—we were assigned to teach at an orphanage called SSD.

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