Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Global Teacher Shortage Threatens Progress on Education

Global teacher shortage threatens progress on education.

The UN estimates 8 million extra teachers are needed worldwide by 2015. But how do countries compare?
The world urgently needs to recruit more than 8 million extra teachers, according to UN estimates, warning that a looming shortage of primary school teachers threatens to undermine global efforts to ensure universal access to primary education by 2015.

At least 2m new teaching positions will need to be created by 2015, the UN said in a report published this week. An additional 6.2 million teachers will need to be recruited to maintain current workforces and replace those expected to retire or leave classrooms due to career changes, illnesses, or death.

Burkina Faso, Eritrea, and Central African Republic (CAR) top the list of countries that will need to mount...


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