Sunday, November 20, 2011

Teaching Wish

Teaching wish.
quote Pictures work best. Something simple like a picture of someone running in the rain or a child crying (easy to find in magazines). Question students along the lines of:
"What is she doing?" (running in the rain)
"Does she want to be running in the rain?" (no)
"What does she want to be doing?" (sitting at home with a cup of tea).
"So, does she wish she was sitting at home with a cup of tea?"
Plenty of build up like this, repetition with different examples and different pictures will give students the idea and the structure.
You can do the same for any of the "wish" structures. A picture of a person in prison:
"Why is he in prison?" (because he stole a car)
"Does he regret stealing the car?" (if students are not comfortable with the verb regret: "Does he want to change the past?" (yes)
"What does he regret?" (stealing the car)
"So he wishes he hadn't stolen the car?"

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