Monday, November 21, 2011

Teaching Grammar Too and Enough

Teaching Grammar Too and Enough.
quote Give the rules of both in a very simple way and give importance to exercises, example sentences. I start with too. Students convert the sentences from too to enough.
"She is too young to go to a disco by herself." ________ (enough)
"She isn't old enough to go to a disco by herself."
quote Find pictures, for example a small girl standing next to a bicycle (adult) and say:
"What's the problem? Why can't she ride the bike?"
The students should come up with: "It's too big or she's too small..."
quote I usually show the students a picture of a fat woman and ask them if she can win a race and why. I then elicit sentences like:
"She is too fat to win a race or she is not fast enough..."
Another picture shows a man trying to change a bulb, but can't because he's short. Of course, visual aids are very important for this activity...

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