Monday, November 14, 2011

Teaching Grammar Third Conditional

Teaching Grammar Third conditional.
Quote) After a reading or listening activity, I ask students to write down all the sentences starting with "if". I write one of the examples on the board:
If it hadn't rained, he'd have gone to the beach.
I elicit the form first and then ask concept questions:
Did it rain? Ss: "Yes"
Did he want to go to the beach? Ss: "Yes"
Did he go to the beach? Ss: "No"
Did he regret it? Ss: "Yes"
Point out the relationship between REGRETTING and the FORM. (NB: eliciting is better than explaining). Good luck."
quote I give each student a a slip of paper with a funny excuse for not handing in homework (my dog ate it, I was abducted by aliens, my dad forgot to do it, it flew out of the bus window, etc). Students are supposed to write a short note for the teacher using the third conditional, explaining why they did not bring their homework...

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