Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Teaching Tag Questions

Teaching Tag questions.
After I introduce the topic, we usually play bingo with tag endings. I give students cards like the bingo ones with different tag endings (for example ..., did she? ..., haven't they?). Then I take a paper and read the sentence (e.g. She went to the supermarket). If they have a possible ending, they cross it out. The idea is to complete the card first. Students enjoy the game a lot! They have to pay attention to the tense and pronoun used."
quote I find that children need to understand the basic concepts of positive and negative statements as well as identify the subject and its pronoun form. So before I begin the lesson on question tags, I introduce and review these concepts with my children first. Once this is done, the majority of the children are able to grasp the question tag rules fairly easily and controlled practice follows the lesson presentation.

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